Laufende Doktorarbeiten

Seitz, Nicola
The impact of climate change on the interaction between Silene stellata (Caryophyllaceae) and its pollinating seed predator Hadena ectypa (Noctuidae) – Drawing the line between mutualism and antagonism

Gebert, Friederike
Decomposer interactions: Dung and carrion beetle assemblages along an elevational and land use gradient at Mt Kilimanjaro

Frank, Erik Thomas
Helping behaviour and optimal foraging in the termite hunting ant species Megaponera analis

Rocha, Maria Cecilia
Effects of pesticides on foraging bees and the possible consequences for the colony survival

Ankenbrand, Markus
The importance of flower volatiles for bacterial community composition and gene content

Njovu, Henry
Herbivore diversity and herbivory rates along elevational and land use gradients at Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

König, Julia
Dependence of endophytic fungus - grass symbioses on land-use intensity

Sun, X.
Effects of climate und land use change on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of pollinators and decomposers

Castillo, Ruth
Diversity and Evolution of cuticular hydrocarbons in cuckoo wasps

Redlich, Sarah
Agricultural diversity, above- and belowground ecosystem services and landscape management

Sickel, Wiebke
Molecular Biodiversity and Metagenomics

Lakovic, Milica
Der evolutionäre Wert zeitlicher Koordination und seiner Präzision bei Insekten 

Mayr, Antonia
Impact of climate and land use on the diversity and functioning of pollinators

Wolf, Mariela
Synchronization of wild bee-plant interactions: mechanisms and fitness consequences

Lanzen, Jonathan
Timing von saisonalen Aktivitäten: Interaktionen zwischen Wildbienen und Pflanzen

Joschinski, Jens
Timing und Phänologieverschiebungen in interaktiven Pflanzen - Herbivoren - Räuber Systemen - Timingeffekte auf Fitness und Flügelausbildung bei Blattläusen

Nürnberger, Fabian
Timing von Koloniephänologie und Sammelaktivität bei Honigbienen

Fuchs, Benjamin
Photoperiodik, Temperatur und Diskrepanzen auf vier trophischen Ebenen

Hopfenmüller, Sebastian
Einfluss von Landnutzung und Klima auf Wildbienen, Wespen und deren Parasitoide

Kallnik, Katharina
Climate-mediated plant-bumblebee-antagonist interactions

Danner, Nadja
Landscape ecological effects of mass flowering crops on resource use and foraging patterns of honey bee colonies

Steijven, Karin
Environmental impacts of genetically modified crops on pollinators